Car Servicing

Regular servicing is essential to maintain the safety, reliability, efficiency and vale of your motor vehicle. All our services exceed the manufacturer's requirements, and we use only authentic parts and consumables.

We offer three levels of service dependant on mileage and time since last service:

Interim Service

6 month, 40-point service

This 40-point service is recommended every 6 months for high-mileage drivers, or where more frequent checks are recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Full Service

Annual 69-point service

Our Full Service exceeds most manufacturers service schedules. If you book a full car service every year, you give yourself the best chance of totally trouble-free motoring.

Major Service

24 month, 71-point service plus parts replacement

This comprehensive service should be undertaken every two years, or simply if you want to make sure all components are working safely and effectively.

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